Who is Rubber's Finest? Past and presence

Since the beginning of 2019 there has been an outstanding change at Rubber's Finest.

Doris Rißart, a long-time employee, who started her career nearly 13 years ago, got the chance to take over the company. The previous owners and founders of Rubber's Finest had private issues to sell it and knew that it was in good hands, when they asked Doris to take it.
The idea of RF hasn't changed and the spirit of the past always surrounds us, but we try to be creative and go our own path without loosing the basic idea of the company.

With a slowly growing team we try to realize everything that's up in a customer's mind. We appreciate all the patience and the sympathy, each one of you shows and guarantee that we never disappoint you.

The spirit of the basic idea is still the foundation of our new skills and innovative progresses. If you want to meet us and be informed about our products, arrange an appointment.

We thank the founders of Rubber's Finest for all the ideas they had, that help us for the presence and future and wish them all the best for their private life.
We are innovative manufacturers of high-end rubber products for the fetish scene.
Since 2003 we have been producing unique and breathtaking hoods, helmets and other rubber articles that surpass your wildest dreams.
Step into the world of Rubber's Finest.
We are very happy to keep you updated with news frequently.

You can order by e-mail (sales@rubbers-finest.com) or phone (02173-686198), as you're used to. That will not change. Most of our products can be configured very individually and need a lot of explanations. Therefor we decided to skip the shop on our website. Finally we want to guarantee you highest satisfaction, once you get our products. That's not possible with the shop. Too many options for every single article would confuse our customers and even, if we decided to activate it one day, the percentage of misunderstandings and wrong decisons would be enormous. Who has ever been in contact with us, knows that we answer every single email short termed and we come to a perfect solution for everybody in a blink of an eye.

2003 the founders had a vision that was based on the situation at that time. They wanted to create something out of the ordinary and revolutionize the topic "Latex". It didn't take very long for them to realize what they had set up in their minds. Everybody, who has been in the situation of founding a self-employment knows that you have to spend the first couple of years 24/7 in the company. The couple had many sleepless nights, but it was worth it. In a short time Rubber's Finest was a symbol for high class latex masks and accessories. Famous personalities of the Fetish scene were aware of RF and ordered regularly. The beginning is carved in stone in our memories. All the products we have published so far, are our own creations. Meanwhile people all over the world order our articles.

We are happy about every new customer and offer support via e-mail, phone or personally in Langenfeld. If you want to arrange an individual appointment in our company, feel free to contact us. We have turned our hobby into a profession.Who can say that today?

We love to help