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Al Capone- Elegance for your feet

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For the people, who like the elegant way, we have created a new shoe design. Happy Easter to all of you.

If you're interested, contact us and use the 10% Easter discount until Monday.

Your Rubbers Finest team

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These slipwalkers are made for ...

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Most customers think that we concentrate on the production of rubber masks, hoods and helmets. That's the origin, but we do like to spread our choice of rubber products. As some of our team members are addicted to that shiny and tight material themselves, it's not that difficult to think about new ideas. It takes a while to realize it until a high quality product is born, but we do our best to feed you with new surprises beneath our daily work to send you your purchases as soon as possible. The new Slipwalkers are incredible and a MUST HAVE for every rubber addicted person.

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Elegance Meets Casual

Just call us innovative. We, the Rubber's Finest team, often sit together to discuss ideas for new rubber products. Here we present elegant rubber indoor shoes. Under the motto "Elegance Meets Casual" it's up to every fetish lover, how to combine these rubber footwear with other clothing - a mixture of beauty and functionality. These 100% rubber slippers can be chosen in black or red. Trim is available in black, red or silver. Choose your individual pair today.