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Published: Dec 06 Posted Under: Masks accessories

VB 2000 - The crush

Come on, joy the joyride

Here we present you a new item that we created for our system mask. We didn't invent the wheel, but we can guarantee a lot of fun with this new accessory for your system mask.

Published: Nov 07 Posted Under: Masks accessories

Candy Lover

System Maske neues Zubehör

The system mask is a very important must have on your list of rubber hoods, helmets and masks. We regularly try to release new accessories for the system mask, which you can order and attach for new options of rubber play. The Candy Lover (mouth condom) is our newest creation. Fix it on the pins of your system mask, take a deep breath and let the games begin. We guarantee a lot of fun, sweet action, but no calories.