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News 02/2020

Rubber Helm Helmet Gummi Slave Gummihelm Latex

Hi rubber girls and rubber guys!
Time rushes. It's already February and 'Spring' is not far away.
This month we offer you our famous RUBBER HELMET in the basic version for € 369,00 (VAT included) only.
No question, it's available in all sizes.
You want your own unique helmet. Then don't hesitate to tell us your special wishes.

Your RF team

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tastes are different

DMDW Rubber Helmet Gummihelm Latexhelm Helm Fetisch Fetish

Hallo liebe Gummifreundinnen und Gummifreunde!
Hi rubber girls and rubber guys!
Our staff want to say thank you once again for your loyalty and patience.
We don't take it for granted and appreciate it.
That's why we always want to fulfill every individual wish, no matter, what type of mask, as long as it's possible.
It's no secret that individuality and professional manual work needs time.
Our recipe for that is lifeblood and effort to make your rubber dream come true. Waiting time sucks.

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December Special Blind Servant

Maske Blind Servant System Maske Latex Gummi Rubber Mask

Hallo rubber girls and rubber guys!
Unfortunately we didn't send you the December offer right at the beginning of the month, but we really have been more than busy until now.

In the last month of the year you can buy the "Blind Servant" in the version black with transparent face for only € 269,00 (VAT included).

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Black Friday - Sunday

Black Friday Sunday Latex Rubber Masken Masks Gummi Latexmasken

Hallo rubber girls and rubber guys!
As we spent last weekend at the PASSION in Hamburg, our Black Friday Sale starts today on a Sunday.
Better late then never.
Like last year we offer a small variety of products that are exceptionally on stock (but only while stock lasts).
We only sell each item once. There is no larger quantity. What's gone is gone.

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PASSION discount

Messe Hamburg Schnelsen Rabatt Gummimasken Masken Latex

Hi rubber girls and rubber guys!
The clock is ticking. Tomorrow the PASSION in Hamburg Schnelsen starts and we are really looking forward to present you our products until Sunday 3 p.m..
You'll get 10% fair discount on all our products, but we don't want to penalize those rubber lovers, who can't make it to the fair.
From tomorrow to Sunday we offer you for all email orders that we get the discount as well.

Best rubber greetings!

Your RF team

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Something for cold winter days

DHVN Supreme Rubber Helm Inflatable Isolation Heavy Rubber

Hallo rubber girls and rubber guys,

the October is nearly over and there are only two months left this year. Maybe we do have the chance to see you at the Passion in Hamburg from 15th-17th of November.
We would appreciate that, but if you can't make it, we'll have a treat for your for the 3 days of the fashion fair. You'll get more information very soon.

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No doubt! We love our products, too!

Rubber's Finest Gummilust Latex Gummi Fetish DF Special Ultimate

Just to give you a clue, what we do sometimes, when we can enjoy some privacy on an autumnal weekend,like today (Sunday). Michael wears complete rubber with a DF Special Ultimate combination (without anesthesia mask).
Your RF team

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our incredible offer for the month October

Rubber Maske Latexmaske Latexhelm Rubber'S Finest BBK

Time runs so fast. It's incredible, but again we have a special offer for you in October.
Get your own BBK (Basic version) with smell bag connections for € 419,00 (VAT included)
until the 31rst of the month.
Guess it's worth considering or even more.
Your Rubber'S Finest team

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Special Offer September

Sklavenhelm Latexhelm Angebot September Maske Latex Gummi

Hallo rubber girls and rubber guys!
A new month has started and we do have a special offer for you again (until the 30th of September).
You can order the ULTMATE HEAVY RUBBER HELMET in the basic edition for incredible € 364,00 (VAT included) only.
No kidding. Pleasure or torture? Order it and you can make your own decision.

Rubber greetings

Your Rubber's Finest team