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Treat yourself with a little rubber time

Hallo rubber girls and rubber guys!
We say thank you for your loyalty in those days, where everything is out of the ordinary.
Stay healthy and treat yourself with a little time in rubber frequently.

Your RF team

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System Mask

System Maske system mask accessories Latex Rubber Offer May

Hi rubber girls and rubber guys!

Of course you can purchase our May offer ( system mask ) in red, white transparent or skin-colored, if you want.

The price stays the same for the basic.

The bargain comes with a standard blindfold and mouth flap, but you can pimp your system mask, if you want.

We add the extras on the reduced price.

Happy weekend!

#stay safe

Your RF Team with _lady_sade_ and elegance_so_different

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Happy Month May - our special offer for you

System Maske Latexmaske Gummimaske Gummi Latex Rubber

Hi rubber girls and rubber guys!

Unbelievable, but true. We had a real brain storming in our team about the May offer and so it took us a while.

Here is the result :

You can purchase our amazing system hood in black or red with basic blindfold and mouth flap for € 153,00 only instead of € 168,00.

The ideal mask for beginners, but also for experienced rubber lovers and the foundation for plenty accessories.

Stay safe und thank you for your loyalty

Your Rubber's Finest team

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Latrexon - a step out of space

Latexmaske Latexhelm Gummihelm Gasmaskenanschluss Atemschlauch

Hi rubber girls and rubber guys!

A while ago we started to offer some of our masks and helmets with gas mask connection.

The 2-piece rubber helmet LATREXON with inner mask has become one of our best sellers.

Wouldn't you wish to have your own one with a suitable smell bag?

You can pay the complete amount in up to 3 rates.

That's for all orders, as the production time takes about 14 weeks.

Interested? Just send us an email or contact us on the phone. You're always weclome.

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Happy Easter Reminder April Special

Gummi Latex Ostern Angebot April Latexmaske Gummimaske

Happy Easter rubber girls and rubber guys!

We just want to remind you that this month we offer an incredible mask with a discount!

A basic mask 1,2 mm with mouth feature (red/white, black/white, plain red or plain black) without extras with :

- open eyes, (or) pepper pot eyes, (or) eyes die cut with zip

for € 203,00 (VAT included)


Your Rubber's Finest team

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monthly offer April 2020

Latexmaske Mundauskleidung Latex Maske Gummi Rubber Mouth Feature

Hi rubber girls and rubber guys!
Time rushes. Again the fourth month of the year.
The current worldwide situation is a complete disaster.
It's just bad news that surrounds us.
So we want to put a smile on your face with our monthly offer.
Until the 30th of April we offer you the basic mask with mouth feature and zip
for € 203,00 only (standard price € 218,00).
Extras are added to this basic price.
Please send your orders to .

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Appeal To All Of You

Corona Protection Schutz Gummimaske Latexhelm Gummi Maske

Hello rubber friends,

since the corona virus now also limits large parts of social life in Germany, we have decided to inform you about the state of Rubber's Finest.
Fortunately, the complete team is healthy and continues to work hard on your existing orders or to create new articles.

Most people know, many restrictions have come into force in Germany since the 17th of March. So far our company has not been affected.

As we are not a large company with countless employees, there will probably be few or no limitations for us in the future.

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Corona Protection Schutz Gummimaske Latexhelm Gummi Maske

Hi rubber girls and rubber guys!

The current situation is an absolute nightmare for all of us, but especially for small companies, who have to fight for their existence every single day.

The range of effects on our environment, industry, economy, social life ... is enormous.

Even if you have a special opinion about the scaremongering that's maybe spreading like the virus, you can't walk through daily life with closed eyes.

Hamster purchases, empty shelves in supermarkets, closed schools and kindergarten.

These are just samples for the situation right now.

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Zip (Slave)

Maske Latex Gummi Rubber Latexmaske Sklave Gummimaske Latexmaske

Hi rubber girls and rubber guys!
Here we introduce right with the start of the weekend our new mask type Zip (Slave).
It's not official, as the website release will be 1rst of April 2020, but maybe you are interested
and want to order your zip mask right now.
If that's the case, send an email to
This mask type with zipper mouth opening is also available with lockable zip.

rubber regards

your RF-team