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Our strength is the variety

Masken für jeden Geschmack

We don't want to decorate ourselves with foreign feathers. The image was provided by one of our customers from Japan.
It illustrates the variety of our different products and the fascinating effect as a whole.

No matter, if DF, DF Special Ultimate, Thickest Mask In The World, DF Inflatable with gasmask connection, combined with one of our smell bag systems.
The fascination for the wearer or spectator is on the same level.

What's your individual pick?

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inflatable A.M.E. helmet

Hallo rubber girls and - guys! Some months ago we published the inflatable A.M.E. rubber helmet and promoted it for a brilliant price. Unfortunately we can't offer it for this release price any longer. The production of the inflatable helmet is really time consuming. There are a lot of urinal masks on the market, but not inflatable. Our A.M.E. is kind of unique. On Monday morning we'll have to increase the sale price to € 409,00 (with V.A.T.). It's still a fantastic price-performance ratio. We don't say that, because we just want to foist all our products on you.

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We wish you all a Happy New Year

Einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr

We wish you all on the last day of 2018 a Happy New Year and all the best for 2019. Thank you so much for your loyalty, the very positive feedbacks / nice e-mails and your understanding, if we couldn't produce your rubber purchase on time. We're no machinery and always try to keep you happy. Be prepared for new rubber gear in 2019 and unique manufacturing. We also plan to present RF with a lot of articles on the PASSION in Hamburg in November. Maybe there's more, but we'll do it step by step. You see, also we do have our headers for the new year. Take care. Your Rubber's Finest team.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Xmas

Thanks to all our customers, who gave us the best support in 2018, we could imagine. The year was like a ride on a roller coaster, but in the end it was perfect. There had been so many changes and positive development. We want to say THANK YOU to every person, who believed in us and our products. You are the energy, a company needs, to increase. 3 words to describe it - YOU ARE AWESOME. We would like to say goodbye to all our customers with Mephistor, our latest creation. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, girls and guys.

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a nice feedback from China

Positives Feedback für Maske mit Mundfeature

Today we received a very nice e-mail from a grateful Chinese customer. Like all the others he had to wait a while, but finally the waiting period will be rewarded each and every time. His words :
I am ... .
I have received the mask
And lovely keyrings
Thank you very much for your efforts
Best regards
A nice feedback is like the butter on the bread for us, as we always make efforts to keep our customers happy and put a smile on their face (before they put on the mask). Just to let you know. Have a great weekend. Your RF-team

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Limited Black Friday Sale

Limited Black Friday Sale - solange der Vorrat reicht

Black Friday - also here @ Rubber's Finest. We offer you a limited quantity of 6 rubber system masks (1,2 mm) ,produced for our latest photoshoot. Description follows :

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Feedback France


Thanks to France for a very positive feedback

Nearly 1,5 weeks ago we launched our new website. Until now there have been a lot of positve feedbacks from all over the globe. Recently a new customer from France sent us a very nice e-mail with a photo of himself wearing the new Twin Set from RF.

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NEW Mask A.M.E. inflatable

We tried to combine two purposes for one mask - enjoy the incredible pressure of the inflatable rubber on your skin and swallow the liquid on the pour - thickness outside layer 2,5 - 3,0 mm - inner layer 0,6 mm - mouth opening with additional glued, strengthened rubber ring - shaded eye glasses - neck closure with integrated spirals bars as used on our corsets - comfort nose as standard - optional with lockable zip - special release price € 369 (German V.A.T. included).

For the product video with further details click here