Shipping fees and production time

shipping cost DHL International in Euro (status January 2019)        
Zoneup to 5 kg up to 10 kg up to 20 kg up to 31,5 kg 
Germany            7,99             9,49              16,49              16,49   
1 all EU-           17,99              22,99              33,99              44,99   
Switzerland           29,99              35,99              49,99              55,99   
Europe           30,99              38,99              53,99              60,99   
without EU        
Russia           31,99              38,99              55,99     
USA           37,99              54,99              76,99            105,99   
China           43,99              59,99              95,99            125,99   

Please be advised that the production time can take up to 14 weeks or even more. That depends on the order situation, for example. We try to do our best to send every parcel as soon as possible. Be aware that every single article is handmade. Additionally we want to offer best quality. For the sarcophagus and the straightjacket the production time takes up to 6 months. Please ask in advance. We can't inform every customer about the production status regularly. So you help us, when you send us an e-mail during production time and we answer short-termed. That's guaranteed. We don't send via DHL Express. DHL International is trackable, but we don't have any influence on shipping time. That depends on customs and DHL (which is not Rubber's Finest). If you want shipping via DHL Express, you have to mention it separately.