Rubber Sneakers

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To complete the perfect rubber outfit, ther right shoes are the finishing line.

Artikel Info: 

The special about our sneakers from RF is the complete package. There are a lot of shoes coated with rubber from the outside, but we went one step further to find the outstanding solution; a rubber shoe that makes your heart beat faster. The sporty shoe that is 100% rubber from the in- and outside is the complement to a catsuit  or a rubber jeans, but also an eye-catcher for daily use, if you can't renounce the feeling of pure rubber on your skin. Beside the look we value the comfort of your feet. Therefor we added 2 mm thick, but smooth rubber insoles. You can only get the original at RF with the Rubber's Finest Logo on the outside and the RF coat of arms on the shoe tongue. Order your size. We appreciate it.