Optische Gläser

110,00 €
incl. 19% VAT additional shipping costs

Clear lenses made of synthetic material (CR 39). Lenses are hardcoated, so they are more resistant to scratching than normal lenses. The same high-quality lenses are used in the optometry for spectacles. You can also integrate them into your new mask or helmet from Rubber's Finest.

Artikel Info: 

Standard lenses: sph +/- 6,00, cyl -2,00; higher prescriptions or other colors on request.
Asticmathically corrections can be made also.

For a purchase we need the current values of your spectacles (not the details of contact-lenses!)

For example:
R: -4,00 sph, -0,50 cyl, 90° A
L: -3,50 sph, -1,00 cyl, 80° A
Meaning: sph (Sphäre), cyl (Zylinder), A (Achse).

Check your eyeglass prescription or ask your optician.

For best results we need your pupil distance (PD) too. Check the data in your eyeglass prescription or make a self-test in front of a mirror with a ruler or tape measure. Normally the PD is approx. 65 mm. Please ask for the price of your individual optical lenses, as it depends on the visual acuity.