Neck Smell Bag XL

634,00 €
incl. 19% VAT additional shipping costs

The neck smell bag in a bigger dimension

Artikel Info: 

The neck smell bag is one of our best selling products in combination with a suitable mask.

Therefor we have designed an alternative for bigger and taller fetish lovers, as the standard size would not come for retribution.

We created the neck smell bag XL as an alternative. It's sold with the tubes (just to mention, because a lot pepole ask for it).

The standard is black with black bones, but other options are possible. Please ask for it.

On the two photos we show the standard- and the xl version, so that you can get a picture of the dimensions.

Think big, choose XL. You can get the bigger variant for € 634,00 (19% V.A.T. included).