Latrexon - the extraterrestrial

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A rubber encounter of the third kind

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This fascinating rubber helmet is the newest RF invention. The approx. 4,5 mm one of a kind showpiece comes with two gas mask connections. Blind plugs are optional. Vision goggles, that are interrupted by rubber covered bones,  give the rubber helmet the spectacular strange look. Our proto-type, that you see on the attached photos, is just a sample of how the googles and the frame could look like. Every new mask might be a little bit different in that area.

Due to the anatomical structure of the bust, the helmet is one size only ( best size MK4 or MK5), but it's combined with an anatomical basic mask inside. For the mask head - and neck circumference are necessary. It's decorated with rubber covered bones in the neck area. 4 lockable buckles don't give you any chance to escape, once you are trapped inside the Latrexon. A very complex mask for rubber enthusiasts with a craving for more. For single players available with zip, too.