Blind Obedience

509,00 €
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Until now obedience hasn't been a pleasure at all.

Artikel Info: 

This 2-piece system mask perfects the role of a sub in every role play.

The basic mask with open eyes, pepper pot eyes or eye die cut, nose openings and open mouth. With buckles you can adjust the straps of the thick face part and the sub becomes helpless. No daylight, no mouth opening. Just a helpless rubber toy and servant.

Additionally there's an integrated collar that can be closed with two buckles on the back side of the facies.

If you want your individual and unique design, just send us an e-mail and we'll respond short-termed. The basic version of the BLIND OBEDIENCE is € 509,00 (VAT included). You can get the article in every women- and men size. Standard color is black.