our sense for quality and style


We're no perfectionists, but try to consider everything and put a special focus on an adequate nose form to guarantee a wear comfort for a longer period of time. Additionally we cast the adam's apple for the male head sculptures. That's very important especially for our thicker masks. All our mask types have got a semicircular elongated front neck. The models with laces or buckles are furthermore reinforced with fabric volume covered in rubber to avoid ripping out rivets or grommets.

All masks without any exception are underlaid with a rubber hair protection (as a precaution not to get your hair caught in the zip).

Please be advised that all skin-coloured, transparent, white or silver masks can change their original tone from light irradiation. That's no reason to register a complaint.

Naturally we manufacture, referred to applications and choice of colour, if technicaly possible, your individual and unique mask.

Our products are branded with the imprinted logo on the inside of the hoods.