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tastes are different

DMDW Rubber Helmet Gummihelm Latexhelm Helm Fetisch Fetish

Hallo liebe Gummifreundinnen und Gummifreunde!
Hi rubber girls and rubber guys!
Our staff want to say thank you once again for your loyalty and patience.
We don't take it for granted and appreciate it.
That's why we always want to fulfill every individual wish, no matter, what type of mask, as long as it's possible.
It's no secret that individuality and professional manual work needs time.
Our recipe for that is lifeblood and effort to make your rubber dream come true. Waiting time sucks.
We know it all, but honestly the results of our work could tell a story in your hands, when you receive them.
That's the difference to a supermarket system, where you just grab products from a shelf.
If you understand that and be patient, you help us a lot.
Attached you find a photo of two individual TMITW that we created.

Your Rubber's Finest team