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production time - shipping time

Hallo rubber friends!
We could write a novel about the following issue to explain our current situation at Rubber's Finest. On January 1rst 2019 Doris Rissart, a long-time employee, took over the company. Her career at Rubber'sFinest started about 12 years ago and she has created most of the fascinating and breathtaking articles that you know.

I (Michael Feldmann) had been customer for a very long time, before I started to work with Rubber's Finest in 2017. As I'm still a customer at other rubber suppliers, I absolutely know the other side. Production - and shipping time is always an issue.

A while ago, we said the production time for a purchase order would be generally about 8 weeks. Definitely it depends on the quantity and the degree of difficulty. You can't compare a THICKEST MASK IN THE WORLD with a BASIC MASK, for example. Thanks to our customers (each one of you) our order situation has increased enormously within the last months and we try to do our best to keep our words.

With the take over of the company we have changed a lot of things, which customers don't see. It's good for now and the future, but unfortunately that also took a lot of time. That's no excuse. We try to recruit new stuff in the production department, but we can't clone existing employees. It's so difficult to find the right persons, who fit in to our team and want to work.

Promised information about production- and shipping time is no bad intention. Please be understanding, if we change our minimum production time for new orders to 12 weeks. Maybe there are special occasions, when we can (luckily for a customer) wave the magic wand, but that's not generally the case.

We work on the purchases in a chronological order.

Until today you have shown sympothy and understanding in all our communication and we want to say THANK YOU for that. We keep on trying to find a short-termed solution for the issue of production time.

Doris Rissart and the Rubber's Finest team