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Our strength is the variety

Masken für jeden Geschmack

We don't want to decorate ourselves with foreign feathers. The image was provided by one of our customers from Japan.
It illustrates the variety of our different products and the fascinating effect as a whole.

No matter, if DF, DF Special Ultimate, Thickest Mask In The World, DF Inflatable with gasmask connection, combined with one of our smell bag systems.
The fascination for the wearer or spectator is on the same level.

What's your individual pick?

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These slipwalkers are made for ...

#elegance #sporty #rubbershoes #new

Most customers think that we concentrate on the production of rubber masks, hoods and helmets. That's the origin, but we do like to spread our choice of rubber products. As some of our team members are addicted to that shiny and tight material themselves, it's not that difficult to think about new ideas. It takes a while to realize it until a high quality product is born, but we do our best to feed you with new surprises beneath our daily work to send you your purchases as soon as possible. The new Slipwalkers are incredible and a MUST HAVE for every rubber addicted person.

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Valentines Day Special

We want to thank you for your support throughout the years with this Valentines Day Special and offer you 10% discount on the 14th of February on your whole purchase (except vouchers).
Please contact us via e-mail ( or call us for your purchase. This offer is only valid for end customers.
At this point we would like to draw your attention once again to our new mask SURROGATE. This may be a nice option for your dearest.

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Gift voucher for the person you love

gift voucher

Hallo rubber friends!
I f you don't have the right present for a special event, we can help you with our voucher.

A perfect gift for a birthday, Valentine's Day, anniversary ... . There are a lot of ocassions.

You can choose the value from € 100,00 up to whatever you want. We'll send you the voucher with a code that can be used to redeem it.
The voucher for English speaking customers is in English language.

Have a great week.

Your RF-team

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inflatable A.M.E. helmet

Hallo rubber girls and - guys! Some months ago we published the inflatable A.M.E. rubber helmet and promoted it for a brilliant price. Unfortunately we can't offer it for this release price any longer. The production of the inflatable helmet is really time consuming. There are a lot of urinal masks on the market, but not inflatable. Our A.M.E. is kind of unique. On Monday morning we'll have to increase the sale price to € 409,00 (with V.A.T.). It's still a fantastic price-performance ratio. We don't say that, because we just want to foist all our products on you.