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Your wish is our command

Maske Latexmaske Latexhelm individuell

Guten Morgen Rubber Community!

Good morning rubber community!
Just a couple of days ago we fed you you wit a NEWS article, but today it's time to say some words about special wishes.

Not a single day passes by without a query about one of our mask models, but very individual. Customers often contribute their very unique ideas to get their very personal rubber treasure.

We're very happy about imaginary creativity and try to fulfill all wishes.

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A.M.E. standard

Urinalmaske Toilettenmaske Maske Helm

Good morning rubber community!
Again we do have a surprise for you, even though the mask type, we present here, is not really a brand new rubber item.

Since we have released the A.M.E. inflatable, it has become one of our top selling products, but we thougt that we could offer a basic version that is not inflatable.

No doubt that even this standard A.M.E. mask can't be paid from pocket money, but without excusing this fact, I use the old saying : quality has its price.

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Rubber's Finest Tokyo Style

Rubber's Finest latex rubber  mask helmet smell bag

Hallo rubber community and rubber friends!
There's absolutely no doubt that are our rubber products are well known all over the globe. Right in and surround Tokyo we do have some very important VIP customers and loyal RF fans, who spread the Rubber's Finest virus as ambassadors all over their part of the world and represent our products proudly.

We want to say THANK YOU to Hiromi Ohtani and Hiro Kondo for your activities on the Japanese market. We are proud to describe you both as our customers and loyal friends.

ありがとう your Rubber's Finest team

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Shades Of Rubber Collection

Shades of rubber dominance submission Rollenspiel Dominanz

The heavy wooden door opened step by step with creaking noises and a black powerfully built man in black rubber entered the dungeon.
He bent over to the young woman in a maid's costume and unfastened the velvet blindfold.
She looked up at the black rubber figure in a very submissive and dignified way and stared into blue eyes that were surrounded by a mysterious Venetain mask on black rubber skin.
The Maid was ready to obey her Master and ready for SHADES OF RUBBER.

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special models - our strength

Helm Sklavenhelm Latexhelm Sonderanfertigung

Happy 1rst of May to everyone!
As you may see, a bank holiday doesn't have an outstanding position for our working shifts.
I just wanted to clarify, what it means to realize all your individual wishes, when you place an order. Most of our items that leave the company, are unique special pieces of art, as we try to give you something very individual, a special mask type that you created in your mind.